This site was created as part of the Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical Grant opportunity, administered by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (more info here and here). The creator, Kristin Lizotte, Ed.D., has been a public school educator for more than 20 years, and has a deep commitment to instructional practices that deepen students' learning and prepare them to be citizens of the 21st century. It is her hope that this platform will become a dynamic and interactive space for educators to learn, connect, and grow together.

The purpose of this site is to promote and support deeper learning experiences for K-12 students through project-based learning. How? By providing professional learning materials and creating opportunities for educators to connect across the state. Too often teachers are isolated within their own schools, but we can learn so much from each other. There are many innovative practices going on in our state, but we don't always have ways of knowing what others are doing. Let's change that!

Who can benefit from this site?

  • Teachers who want to implement project-based learning and increase their professional knowledge.

  • Teacher preparation faculty who want to provide theoretical foundations and practical applications for their students.

  • Administrators who want to facilitate the implementation of project-based learning in their schools.

  • Future teachers wanting to learn a new instructional strategy.

  • Parents who want to know what project-based learning is all about, and why their children will benefit from "doing school" a different way.


The hope is that this website will help educators to create, collaborate, and connect. Please look around, participate in the discussion, and add your feedback! She is also looking to highlight the innovation going on at YOUR school, so contact her with the details!